When I was in Hawaii I saw a lot of people using #LuckyWeLiveHawaii on their posts. Well I think we should start #LuckyWeLiveGreatBritain 🇬🇧 The thing about Hawaii, is that paradise is served to you on a plate. Every day there is a stunning sunset rarely with the clouds blocking it. The thing with the UK that makes moments like the one in this pic so special to us, is that the weather plays by its own set of rules. Moments like these are rare. The y are often little windows of paradise in the middle of a storm!
Whilst coming down from the summit of Snowdon last week, the clouds parted for a few minutes, the darkness giving way to the sunset and purple skies. Sometimes everything in life comes together and we witness these extraordinary moments by being in the right place at the right time. The UK is an amazing place to explore! Share your favourite places and experiences with #LuckyWeLiveGreatBritain and tag me!

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Don’t think about what you could lose if you took that leap of faith, imagine what you could gain 💫
Taking a moment to soak up moments like this, knowing how much went into making them happen!
#KONA10 #IsleOfSkye #LeapOfFaith #OneLifeLiveIt

There’s something about Scotland 🦌💫
#ScotSpirit #ExploreMore #Winter #KONA VisitScotland

The Kona10 challenge is complete and what an unbelievable 72 hours it’s been! I’m so proud to find the heart, head game and legs to push through the dark moments and make this crazy challenge happen. It’s a world first! Amazing to end with the pièce de résistance on the Isle of Skye today. What an incredible world we live in!
Thanks a million for your support, I’ve loved sharing this adventure with you. I’ve got some amazing pics I can’t wait to share with you and more stories, but now I need to shower and sleep 😘

#KONA #WorldFirst #OneLifeLiveIt #LoveScotland

Challenge Complete! KONA10

This challenge is really kicking now. After 2 days of sleepless nights and a few mountains in my legs, yesterday was hard. 3 hours climbing in Glen Coe followed by a winter ascent of Ben Nevis at 1345m - the highest mountain in Great Britain 🇬🇧 On my feet and moving for over 10 hrs, burning so much energy and then a 7 hr car journey to the Isle of Skye. Let’s just say this is no walk in the park! But I knew it wasn’t going to be 😝 My legs my feel heavy today as I head to the Cuillin Ridge for my final challenge of the #KONA10 but my heart is ready to give it all I’ve got 👊💙 Link in bio or check my stories for my info on this challenge! Hyundai UK

#LoveScotland #BenNevis #OutdoorWomen #OneLifeLiveIt #KONA #Partner VisitScotland

Blue sky day in Scotland in my fave place in the whole world, Glen Coe 💙
Approaching 48 hours on the #KONA10 challenge, managed to get 3 hrs sleep in the car last night before climbing up here this morning. Challenge 7 of 10 is complete, now it’s time for Ben Nevis ⛰

#LoveScotland #WinterIsHere #KONA #OneLifeLiveIt #MountainGirls #GoPro

Photos from Challenge Sophie's post

Have just come off the summit of Scafell Pike in the Lake District with snow, gale force wind and descending by head torch. Challenges 1-4 from the #KONA10 are in the bag! Feeling good, but very tired. Time to get some shut eye whilst we drive to Scotland for the big boys; Glen Coe, Ben Nevis and The Isle of Skye 💙 Keep the messages coming I love them 🙏


Sophie Radcliffe (@challengesophie) • Instagram photos and videos

There is something completely liberating about standing on top of a mountain* The mountains free me from my fears and stoke the fire within me 🔥 For those glorious moments, it’s as if time stands still. Makes me feel so alive and grateful for this life 💫🙏
*Existential thoughts amplified when it’s blowing a hoolie and the sun is setting! 💨 🌄
Since this stunning sunset on Snowdon, I’ve been making great progress with my KONA10 Challenge. For more info hit the link + check out my IG stories: https://www.instagram.com/challengesophie ⛰🚘⛰ Progress: Snowdon ✅ Croghan Hill ✅ Giants Causeway ✅ 7/10 to go

#KONA #OneLifeLiveIt #Snowdon #OutsideIsFree #Wales Hyundai UK

The summit of Snowdon was blustery and cold but then this happened on the way down! Felt like hiking in a fairytale ⛰💕 Next stop: Ireland 🇮🇪 GoPro


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Photos from Challenge Sophie's post

When asked if I could reach reach 10 volcanic locations, climbing or cycling to their summits in 72 hours, whilst also driving between them in British winter, my first reaction was “We have volcanoes in the UK?!” Apparently we do, dating back 450 million years and I’m about to climb them!
The Kona10 Challenge is about to commence, exploring some of the most stunning and iconic areas of the UK; Snowdon, Giants Causeway, Scafell Pike, Edinburgh Castle and Arthur’s Seat, Glen Coe, Ben Nevis and The Cuillin Ridge on the Isle of Skye. Snow has fallen in Scotland so I’m bracing myself for winter! I’ll be grabbing sleep where possible in new Hyundai UK Kona between now and Sunday afternoon. Here’s the challenge map and link for more info. I’m ready 💪⛰🚘🚴‍♀️🙋

#KONA #Challenge #OneLifeLiveIt


Photos from Challenge Sophie's post

I’m ready and raring to get started with my next challenge! Kicking off tomorrow (Thursday) at 2pm with a climb up Snowdon in Wales, before heading to Ireland, The Lake District and Scotland (Glen Coe, Ben Nevis and the Isle of Skye) ⛰ 🚘⛰
I cannot wait to get started and take you with me through some of my favourite locations in the UK. On the cards is stunning scenery, lots of mountains, not much sleep and all the Let’s Do This spirit I can muster! Will be sharing full details tmrw. It’s nearly time... #ChallengeSophie #OneLifeLiveIt #KONA #GoPro

Adventure is a way of looking at the world, it’s your spirit, it’s what makes you feel alive. It’s the experiences that feed your soul and fill your heart. The part of you that’s not afraid to try new things, and knows that life’s best adventures happen when you say YES ⛰✨
I put together this little edit from my hike up Snowdon on Sunday, filmed on GoPro and edited with Quik app
Quik is my go-to app for editing as it creates an edit straight from your GoPro, mixing it with music and transitions without you having to spend ages editing. Download the app for free and give it a whirl

Photos from Challenge Sophie's post

My favourite mountain moment of the weekend! It was hailing, cold and zero visibility on the summit of Snowdon (check out my IG live @challengesophie), but the views on the way up were 👌 I’ve been up Snowdon a few times and it’s always different; always a challenge and always creates memories I look back on and smile 😊 I spent a lot of today’s climb thinking about how amazing it would be to do this with girls on my youth empowerment initiative!!⛰ Now to make it happen ✨ #LoveTheJourney #Snowdon #OutdoorWomen #OneLifeLiveIt #DreamBig

Peanut Butter S'mores

I was recently asked "what's your favourite snack whilst adventuring?" I think forever more it will be peanut butter s'mores. Not massively practical to make on all adventures, but I urge you to try this! Melted marshmellows, apple, peanut butter and chocolate - winning combo! Whole Earth Foods #WonderfuelTimes

Photos from Challenge Sophie's post

A day in the hills is always a day well spent. Feels so good to be back in Snowdonia! ⛰ Great to stretch the legs and shoot the breeze. Now for some fireworks! What you guys up to?

#Snowdonia #OutsideIsFree #OneLifeLiveIt Shot on GoPro Hero6 Jason Rawles

Photos from Challenge Sophie's post

There’s only one t-shirt to wear when you wake up feeling like this 💪☀️✨ I’m pumped after a fantastic evening giving a talk at Condé Nast Traveler #TravellersTales 🗺 Thank you to everyone who came and for your great questions! I loved sharing all things adventure, the life changing magic of empowering yourself through challenging yourself to raise the bar, my youth engagement project, body confidence, thoughts on being a woman in a traditionally male dominated world, and the new wave of adventure focused on collaboration and community. How we fit all that into an hour I don’t know! 🤷‍♀️ LOVED IT!!! Just smashed a gym session at UN1T London and am about to head to the mountains for 10 days. It’s time for my next challenge guys!! Can’t wait to get back to the mountains and take you with me. Check out my insta stories. Happy Friday. Much love and enjoy your weekend and this gorgeous Autumn we are having! 💙 🍁P.S Tee is from my girls Fequals #FridayFeeling #WomenEmpowerment #OneLifeLiveIt

The road, it's a good listener. I can’t express strongly enough how important sport and being outside are for mental well-being, just as much as physical! Every time something knocks me back, I turn to THIS (my bike, my body, the open road, the wonder of nature, the simplicity of the world without all the complications we create) to help me feel positive and back in the game. Nature, movement and breathing all have magical healing powers. Give them a chance ✨🍁🏃‍♀️❤️ #mindfulness #GetOutside #MoveYourBody #OneLifeLiveIt #mentalhealth #SunriseCycle

Sunrise Cycle Richmond Park

This morning was 🔥👌!!! My first #sunrisecycle of the winter season and I’ll back my decision a thousand times over to haul myself out of bed in the dark to do this. What a cracking way to start the day with two of my faves Queen of the Mile Queen of the Mountains Even though I’ve cycled in this park hundreds of times, I still can’t get over how beautiful it is, so lucky to have this slice of wilderness here in London 🇬🇧
Filmed on GoPro Hero6 - the image quality and colour of this camera is insane. I have not edited this at all, just added some music from iMovie app on my phone. Editing on the go! 😋 Yay, for the weekend on its way! Get outside and make the most of it 👊 #SunriseCycle #GirlsWhoRide #London #OneLifeLiveIt #GoPro

Train your mind, it’s the greatest instrument you own 💪
Physical and mental strength have always gone hand in hand for me. Whilst training for Ironman, I was developing the physical strength to go the distance (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike and run a marathon), but perhaps more importantly, the mental grit and determination to keep going when everything was screaming at me to stop!
Finishing Ironman Wales was the biggest challenge of my life, but finding a way through the toughest moments was a revelatory and inspiring experience. Physically I felt a wreck for a few days, but mentally I had never been stronger. I used my new found mindset to apply to the same determination and confidence to every area of my life; my job, my relationships and my next challenge.
I repeat this cycle over and over again. It’s a never ending process. Challenge, strive, learn, grow, dream bigger, aim higher. BELIEVE 💙
The only way to believe in yourself is to do the things that are difficult and scary, the ones you don’t think you could do. Start small, focus on the baby steps and soon you’ll look back and marvel at how far you’ve come 👊Ps. Can you spot the tear on my face? That’s how hard it was for me second time round 😢 #Mindset #ChallengeYourself #AnythingIsPossible #Ironman #OneLifeLiveIt #Endurance IRONMAN Wales

Intrepid travels with Sophie Radcliffe

Getting all fancy next week and sharing my adventure stories over champagne with Condé Nast Traveler on London's Bond Street. If you fancy it, there's a few tickets left! Love to see you there! x


Photos from Challenge Sophie's post

UNPLUG + HAVE FUN! ✨ Had a really special weekend with my best friends in the Peak District. They organised a weekend of fun and kept it all a surprise! We went to a cafe where you drink tea with cats, escaped from Alcatraz The Great Escape Game Sheffield, slept in a bunk house surrounded by mountains, went to an otter sanctuary and got very, very wet whilst walking in Storm Brian. Nothing like being around people I’ve been best mates with for a third of my life. Am feeling so pumped for next week and everything that’s coming up, especially having taken the weekend off to relax and have fun with my faves 😍 Give this treat to yourself! #TimeOut #WorkHardPlayHard #GetOutside #OneLifeLiveit #PeakDistrict #GoProGirl GoPro

Confidence is like a muscle. The more you train it the stronger it gets 💪✨
I’m pretty excited (and nervous) about tomorrow. I’m heading to a London school to deliver my first talk and workshop for my youth empowerment initiative to 100 teenage women. Have spent all day filtering through my life - the challenges and lessons - and trying to distill what confidence means to me, why it’s so important for us all, and why I’m so passionate about championing it. Here’s where I’m at:
1️⃣ Focus on being the best you can be, NOT the best. We need to control the affect that social media has on our lives; it can create an unobtainable image of perfection that detracts from focusing on what’s right for us
2️⃣ Why fit in when you were BORN to stand out? Be true to yourself; develop a strong sense of who you are and hold onto it as if your life depended on it!
3️⃣ Allow yourself to be vulnerable and share struggles
4️⃣ Support others; be brave and stand up for what is right even if it’s a risk for you
5️⃣ Life is tough; when the curve balls come, you want to know you’ve got this! Knowing this and being able to deploy the best you got in tough times, this is confidence 💕
What do you think? Anything I’ve missed? Tomorrow is a big day for me! Let’s do this 🙌

Youth Sport Trust #youthempowerment #confidence #positivemindset #onelifeliveit PC: Michael Hannig Photography

The Ragnar Relay Challenge: Team Reebok

T E A M 👊👯✨
What I loved most about the Ragnar Relay was the TEAM! 10 of us lived in two vans for over 24 hrs, taking turns to run, sleep, eat and drive until we ran 180 miles. Anytime I was struggling out on the course, I thought about my team and that spurred me on. The toughest legs were at night time, although I *secretly* love challenges that go through the night. Makes it more adventurous! We were also treated to a pretty spectacular sunrise over the sea 🌅 Here’s my film from the challenge. Filmed on GoPro Hero5 and Karma
If you’re part of a running club or have a group of friends up for a challenge, check this race out. Hopefully I’ll see you there next year! Thanks for an epic weekend Reebok #RagnarWhiteCliffs #TeamChallenge #OneLifeLiveIt

Photos from Challenge Sophie's post

Spent yesterday in the South Downs, hiking with all the views, making dinner and apple + peanut butter s’mores over the camp fire and getting to know these lovely ladies and Whole Earth Foods. Love Autumn anywhere in the world but especially on home turf! 🍁Check out my instagram stories (@challengesophie) to see what we got up to and for ideas to enjoy the great outdoors! Happy Sunday 😘 #Autumn #OutdoorWomen #wonderfueltimes #GetOutside #GoProGirls #Partner

Hey! 👋 Sorry I’ve not posted much recently, been working super hard behind the scenes on a project I’ve been dreaming of for 15 years!!! Next week is the first phase of my youth empowerment initiative in partnership with Youth Sport Trust 💕 I’m working with schools to develop confidence, courage and positive use of social media in teenage girls. This is my NORTH STAR project 💫 bringing so much purpose, passion and energy to my life and hasn’t even kicked off yet. I cannot wait to get stuck in!! Excited to share plans and how you can get involved, will be coming soon. I can’t quite believe this is happening! #YouthEmpowerment #Confidence #OneLifeLiveIt #NorthStar #dreamsintoplans

Photos from Challenge Sophie's post

I’m so excited to introduce you to Storm, Atticus and Betsy. My heart bursts every time I see these three amazing kittens that have become part of our family! Animals have always been a huge part of my life, rescuing cats and dogs that need a home and showering them with love. These three are already so loved and bring so much love and pure joy to our lives. Literally cannot believe they are here. Trying not to pick them up and smother them with kisses every time I see them is hard! If anyone is in need of a kitten cuddle, these guys are pretty awesome ❤️
Thanks for the pics Connected States #Kittens #BestTherapyEver #Love

A ship in a harbour is safe, but that’s not what a ship was built for. Go sailing! ⛵️
This quote that has inspired so many of my decisions in life. It helps me conjure up the feeling that I need to back myself and keep moving forward when I feel frozen with fear. If you build the right platform, you can take risks and push yourself to do things you once thought were impossible
🔹First, dare yourself to dream beyond the limits you currently see
🔹Second build confidence in small ways every day
🔹Third, let go of everything that’s holding you back, harness the self-belief and confidence you built, and just go for it 💫
#BeBold #DreamBig #ConfidenceTraining #OneLifeLiveIt

Dealing with Stress

A few weeks ago I blogged about my journey with body confidence, this is my follow up blog on dealing with the stress that led to me putting on weight! It's been such an interesting journey for me, hope sharing it is useful for you :) Big thanks to Dan Roberts Group for your care and support in helping me make these changes


GoPro Family event in Munich for Hero6 launch

Nothing quite like a weekend with my GoPro Fam to make me feel like life is pretty freakin awesome! So grateful to be part of this amazing family of adventurers, creators and badass people living life on their terms. We had so much fun at Oktoberfest! Can you tell? 😜 I filmed this with the brand new Hero6 and edited with with Quik app. Any questions about the new cameras or how to film and edit with GoPro gimme a shout guys 🙋 #GoProFamily #Oktoberbest #DreamsIntoReality #OneLifeLiveIt

Oktoberfest!!! With the GoPro Family ❤️

Having so much fun in Munich hunting for urban adventures at the GoPro launch 🚀 Always love my time with the #GoProFamily! We zip-lined over the Olympic stadium, mountain biked through this gorgeous forest and now - the grand finale - Oktoberfest!! 🍻Photo taken on the brand new #Hero6 Also launched yesterday was the 360 camera Fusion and follow me functionality on #Karma the drone. Badass!

Photos from Challenge Sophie's post

Been carrying this book everywhere with me! Can't put it down. Written by my inspirational friend Henry Fraser Mouth Artist who experienced a life changing accident aged 17. His optimism and outlook on life is amazing. It's a Sunday Times best seller and a story I think we can all relate to. As someone who has sport and activity at the centre of my life, I can't imagine learning how to live without use of my body. Henry, you are incredible to turn this accident around in the way you have! Love you guys to check out his book and give him a follow ❤️ https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B01M639YKI/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1506585815&sr=8-1&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_QL65&keywords=henry+fraser #AcceptAndAdapt

Photos from Challenge Sophie's post

Oh England you beauty 🇬🇧 Captured at sunrise on this weekend's #RagnarWhiteCliffs challenge. Just when motivation was taking a massive slump after a sleepless night, the sun gave us energy to keep pushing on 🏃‍♀️✨ Get outside and explore the world on your doorstep! It's good to be home 😍 #OneLifeLiveIt

Photos from Challenge Sophie's post

What a weekend! We barely slept in 36 hours but that didn't stop us running our hearts out over 167 miles at the Ragnar Relay with T E A M Reebok 🏃‍♀️🙌
Having done many endurance challenges solo, it was amazing to share all the highs and lows, high fives and hugs, tales from the road, banter, delirious giggles over things that are only that funny because you are THAT tired, and of course, the celebrations at the finish in Brighton! 🏅
I am hobbling today and nursing a slightly broken body, but totally buzzing from an epic weekend with these guys

#RagnarWhiteCliffs #FeelTheFloatRide #ReebokTeamUK #OneLifeLiveIt @theleanmachinesofficial @denvertronix @sophiegraceholmes @fitcetera @nat_tilly @theandrew.tracey @samhurl @tomrowleyhfm (accounts on IG)

Finish of the Ragnar Relay! Reebok Ragnar Relay

The last 20 hours have been crazy! Running 170 miles through the night along the SE coast of the UK in a relay team with 10 awesome peeps 🏃‍♀️We snatched an hour of sleep in this van and are now cracking into the final legs of the race! Follow along my Insta stories (@challengesophie) and on Reebok hosted by the awesome The Lean Machines 👯 I can't tell you how much I'm loving the T E A M element of this challenge! 🙌 Am also thinking that starting a challenge with painting support vehicles should become a thing! So fun 🚐🎨

Ragnar Relay #RagnarWhiteCliffs #FeelTheFloatRide #ReebokTeamUK

So excited to put my renewed energy and passion to work after returning home from a few weeks break in Hawaii!!! 🙌
Spending my time exploring the beautiful and diverse island of Maui, appreciating life for exactly what it is (highs and lows, light and darkness) Noticing how the simplest things bring so much pleasure. The way the water crescendos over rocks, the rustle of the palm leaves swaying in the wind, how the colour of the ocean changes when clouds cover the sun, the power of the full moon. Living my life in the best way I know how 😍
It took me a while to learn to let go, to stop, relax and let time pass without pressure. It initially brought up a whole load of stuff that was tough to deal with. But I worked my way through it and taught myself a valuable lesson; That letting go creates space for the world to work in its own way
Endlessly grateful for these moments of inspiration powered by nature ✨

#Hawaii #WaterfallWisdom #LiveYourAdventure #Gratitude

A L O H A, H a w a i i 🌸
It's my last day in Hawaii and I couldn't be more excited and ready to return home to London. But before I tell you about what this trip has meant to me, TELL ME where you are from and your fave thing about where you live. I'll pick my top three and send you a postcard from magical Maui! 📝 🌅✨ #Hawaii #Postcard #OneLifeLiveIt

If you're looking for motivation with exercise, here are my top tips:
1. Find something you love ❤️
2. Set a challenge/goal/reason to aim for - something you really care about!
3. Buddy up - share the highs + lows 👯
4. Baby steps - keep working at it and don't beat yourself up if it's not going to plan 👊
5. Mix it up - keep things fresh! ✨
Since being in Hawaii I've been mixing up my training with beach workouts, running, hiking and sweaty workouts FuzionFit Inc 💪This weekend I found out that Maui has these amazing 50m outdoor pools and they are completely FREE to use! Made me ridiculously happy to swim there. Feels like dancing when I'm swimming and it all flows 🏊‍♀️😍
#MondayMotivation #WaterBaby #GoPro

Getting up early to watch the sunrise from the top of a mountain is top of my list of 'Things I'd Never Say No To' ✨🙅🌄
Waking up at 3am is not easy, but I felt like a kid on Christmas morning! We drove through the jungle to Haleakala's summit - Maui's largest volcano 🌋 From sea level to 10,000 ft in an hour. Stepping out, we felt the shortness of breath and elevated heart rate you get at that altitude. Admiring a jet black sky with its blanket of glistening stars, we hiked to the best viewing spot we could find, and waited for the greatest show in the world to begin 💫
"It's happening, shush" shouted a fellow sunrise chaser. Silence fell across the volcano's crater as we watched in awe. There are moments, and there are unforgettable moments. This one was the latter. And the price for this experience? $1.50
What do you love so much that you would never say no to? 💙

#Sunrise #Hawaii #OneLifeLiveIt
PC: Michael Hannig Photography

The world is your oyster and daymn it's a mighty fine place!
Making the most of my last few days in Hawaii with all the sunsets and sunrises I can find. I love sharing Maui's magic with you! 🙏💫🌅
Shot taken on GoProKarma on my latest #sunsetmission #Hawaii #OneLifeLiveIt GoPro✌️

Photos from Challenge Sophie's post

Hawaii from the air 🚁 Admiring the majesty and transformational power of nature is my favourite activity here on Maui (second is eating Acai bowls 😜) Jungle, waterfalls, golden sandy beaches, black beaches, glistening ocean and volcanoes - these Hawaiian islands have so much to explore! Thank you Maverick Helicopters for the amazing helicopter ride over the Hana rainforest. Head over to instagram to check out my IG stories from the trip! You can see the summit of Haleakala poking out through the clouds in my first pic 🌋 https://www.instagram.com/challengesophie/ #WeNeedNature #Hawaii #OneLifeLiveIt

My Struggle With Body Confidence

My mantra is "Fitness is about what your body can do, and how that makes you feel, not what it looks like" 👊 Yet it's hard to 💯 believe this when I also feel embarrassment and judgement about being heavier than I want to be. Pressure to aesthetically look a certain way gets in my head. My challenge is to manage the pressure coming from the outside, with staying true to myself! It's not easy, but I believe that by opening up about it, we can support each other to love and own bodies for all that they they are, and are not. Anyway, if you're interested in what I've been going through with fitness/adventure/lifestyle/stress and how I'm managing it, check out my blog on my struggle with #BodyConfidence 💙(link below) #OneLifeLiveIt


You guys are amazing. Seriously. I don't know how I managed to find such an incredible group of people to share worlds with. I feel more connected to you and my mission than ever before. Thank you so, so much for your comments on my last post. I genuinely couldn't do this without you. I hope this double rainbow brings bags of good energy to your day 🌈🌈 Let's go kick some a**! 🙌

PC: Michael Hannig Photography #MondayMotivation #DoubleRainbow #OneLifeLiveIt

Hi Guys,

Wanted to send a note about my recent posts in Hawaii.

Some of you have been commenting that they are different to my usual messaging and have made you feel uncomfortable and disappointed. They are different, and I wanted to explain why I've posted them, as I never intended to create any negative feelings or disempowerment for you or me.

Body confidence is an ongoing struggle for me. Over the last year I've experienced weight gain, symptoms of stress and health problems due to the demands I place on myself, in particular, my body. I have been working so hard to try and understand what is causing my body to react this way, and how I can change it.

Fitness has always been empowering for me, because it gave me the confidence to be proud of my body. To love it and own it for what it can do, and how that makes me feel. But as much as I believe that and remind myself of it, the embarrassment (and judgement I feel) about my body is still there.

I'm working so hard and feel like I'm finally making progress, but it's there taking up space and energy in my head every day. Damn the self-critic!

When I came to Hawaii for some rest, it was at a time when I felt like the hard work is finally paying off and my confidence was better. So I shared these beach posts as a happy memory, a fleeting moment. Nothing more than that. Never in a million years did I mean for that to cause upset, or for anyone to be disappointed in me or my message.

I will always be absolutely committed to my core mission of inspiring you to live your best life and be the best version of you; building confidence and motivation in both men and women. That's why I share my whole story with you, not just the highlights.

I'm learning everyday with sharing my life on social media, and I'm genuinely sorry when I get it wrong. On this occasion, it was simply me being happy in this moment and sharing that.

I couldn't do this without you, and am so grateful for your continued support! I needed a break as I've been working relentlessly, but I'm back in London soon and can't wait to share what's coming next! Thanks as ever guys ❤️

Love Always,

Sophie X

Hiking through the bamboo forest, past a giant Banyan tree and arriving at this 60m waterfall, felt like something out of a fairy tale. That's what I've always loved about adventure; the opportunity it creates to feel like you've been transported to another world. Whether outside your front door, or a plane flight away, magical experiences are open to us all. Don't forget to pack bags of enthusiasm, an open mind and your camera!
Photo taken on GoPro Hero5 and animated using Plotagraph Pro Pictures

#GetOutside #Hawaii #OneLifeliveIt

At Christmas my Mum gave me a ring in the shape of a wave. She said "I know you love the mountains, but don't forget about the ocean". I wear that ring every day, remembering her words and visualising myself in the sunshine and ocean. It may have taken me 8 months, but I made it here. It's hard to put into words what my time on this island is doing for me, but I think coming here, giving myself this space and time to be present with everything, to let my days pass without pressure, and be true to myself, has been one of the best decisions I've ever made.
Funny how mums often know best 💙
PC: Michael Hannig Photography

#LetHawaiiHappen #BeTrueToYou #OneLifeLiveIt

Soaking up all of Maui's magic from the roof of the island - Haleakala. The 3000m volcano who's name means "House of the Sun" What an incredible world we live in. Get out there and live your adventure! 🌞🌋🙏 #Hawaii #SunsetSeeker #OneLifeLiveIt

Learning to trust myself, my intuition and my heart, is a lifelong journey that's led to some of my greatest experiences, but has also taken me to rock bottom. When the storm is raging so loudly that I can barely think, I can't ignore the whispers in the wind. CHOOSE COURAGE, TRUST YOUR INTUITION. I venture into the eye of the storm, knowing deep down, that this is my path. Sometimes we just have to jump and buckle up for the ride 💙✨
📸: Michael Hannig Photography

#ChooseCourage #BeStrongerThanTheStorm #WildAtHeart #OneLifeLiveIt

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