Daymn i love riding my bike!! 🚴‍♀️ Stress levels were pretty high today, juggling multiple projects and working back to back days until 2am, so I decided to down tools and go for a spin ☀️ Best decision ever! #Sunshine #womenscycling #OneLifeLiveIt #GoProGirl

TRIBE x Challenge Sophie: Coastal Adventure Weekend

Imagine waking up here 🌅 My next adventure weekend with Tribe has just landed and we’d love you to join the fun!! ⭐️
1st-3rd June we’re heading to the Pembrokeshire coast in Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 for an action packed weekend including a 20 mike hiking challenge, kayaking, wild swimming, campfires, sunsets galore, new friends and waking up in the wilderness. YOU deserve this after such a cold winter, tag a friend who needs an adventure! 👯‍♀️☀️ It’s my favourite thing to adventure with you, let’s go create some amazing memories! Full details here: ALL welcome whether this is your entry into adventure of you are a seasoned pro 👊

#AdventureWeekend #TrySomethingNew #ForceOfNature #OneLifeLiveIt

Physical and Mental Readiness - PlanetK2's Team LifeReady - The Performance Room

Imagine cycling 500 miles through California? The dream! PlanetK2 are an amazing company that help people like you and I THINK, PREPARE and PERFORM like elite athletes. They deliver training to all kinds of businesses and individuals all over the world and I've had the honour of being their ambassador for a few years now! They are currently supporting #TeamLifeReady on their amazing cycle ride to raise money and awareness for AIDS/HIV. Have a look: #PlanetK2performance

Sometimes the best adventures are right on our doorstep 🏔

The #Kona10 challenge started in Wales with a climb up Snowdon, went on to Ireland, Scafell Pike in the Lake District and up to my beloved Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 I climbed a Munro in Glencoe and summited Ben Nevis on the same day before driving through the night to the Isle of Skye and climbing on the Cuillin Ridge to complete the challenge (where this pic was taken) in 72 hours
I know many of you followed my progress throughout the adventure, but I have FINALLY blogged about it including maps and pictures that will undoubtedly fuel your wanderlust for adventures in the UK’s stunning mountains 🇬🇧 Check it out!

#LuckyWeLiveGreatBritain #GetOutside #WomenWhoExplore #LiveYourAdventure #OneLifeLiveIt #Mountains

Photos from Challenge Sophie's post

Wonderful weekend in Devon with one of my oldest friends! I had all these intentions to run and cycle, but opted instead for a slower paced weekend. Less pressure! Work is non-stop atm, so weekends like these are treasured! We hiked along the coastal path, ate fresh fish and cream teas and chatted in the way you do with someone you’ve known since forever 💜 What did you get up to? P.S can you spot the furry face in this pic? 🐶 #OneLifeLiveIt

Photos from Challenge Sophie's post

5 PLACES LEFT!! On my annual London to Paris Sportive on 5th of May 🇬🇧🚲 🇫🇷 Full details: It’s my fave weekend of the year 💙 Dream come true to ride with you and share this incredible challenge that I’ve been doing for 10 years! 200 miles, 2 countries, 24 hours!👊 Grab them quick as it’s been sold out for months but we have been able to find 5 more rooms! If you are already coming, comment below! See you soon x

#L2P24 #OneLifeLiveIt #ChallengeYourself #Cycling #ThisWeekendCouldChangeYourLife

Today is a new day ✨ I feel determined to leave behind all the stuff that’s been getting me down this last week. It’s only holding me back and I haven’t got time or energy to waste on that! Every day is an opportunity to start fresh. Take it! 👊#Mindset #OneLifeLiveIt #FuelledByTribe

Want to blaze your own trail in life? ⚡️ Today’s blog is for you! Packed with tips on how to be the confident, badass, best version of yourself that you deserve to be, learn how to use your voice, create your own map and stop worrying so much about other people’s opinions. If you want a little pick me up or support with your own adventures in life, check it out! #BlazeYourOwnTrail #OneLifeLiveIt

Photos from Challenge Sophie's post

Stoked to get a personal best at Regents Park Half Marathon today! 🏃‍♀️😄🏅 I’ve done Ironman’s, ultra marathons and marathons but never run a half!
Running has never come naturally to me. I always forced myself to do it, feeling slow and clunky, but sheer perseverance over many years helped me find the joy in feeling the power of my body moving from place to place. It definitely didn’t come easy today, but with help from my friends Special K - Uk & Ireland I powered through the #paincave and managed to get round the course in 1hr 50!
Comment with your goal/challenge/PB aim... esp any goal that scares you, I would love to know what you’re working towards!
#OneLifeLiveIt #PoweringYou #Womenwhorun #whorunstheworldgirls #PB #RegentsParkHalfMarathon #LetsDoThis #ThankyouSam #Ad 🙌 Letsdothis

Photos from Challenge Sophie's post

I love these smiles! 🤩⚡️#WeAreTheTrailBlazers After the craziest non-stop month and a few meltdowns thinking I wouldn’t be able to get through it 🤦‍♀️ It’s all worth it when I see my TrailBlazers start to believe, build confidence and think differently about being true to themselves. Keep those eyes sparkling ✨ Miss you already! 💕 So happy for the Easter break now all my work is done!! TrailBlazers

#StrongerTogether #TrailBlazers #Confidence #OneLifeLiveIt

LIVE simply
LOVE unconditionally
PLAY everyday
BE loyal ~ Canine Wisdom ‘Secrets for happiness’ ✨
There’s so much we can learn from dogs! Whilst in Scotland I had the best running buddy Hegley (my brother’s dog) he keeps me company, loves it when I’m sweaty so he can lick the salt off my face and is always eager to share my snacks 🍫 #FuelledByTribe Tribe
Who’s your fave running buddy? Human or canine! 🏃‍♀️~ 🐕

#IMissYouNorthernFlattie #ChooseHappiness #CanineWisdom #LoveDogs #Running

Be stronger than the storm ⚡️
If chaos rages in your heart
May it test you, but not break you
Breathe. Smile. Believe 💙
~ Me
#OneLifeLiveIt #TheresSomethingAboutScotland #WildAndFree #Believe

Photos from Challenge Sophie's post

Took the overnight train from London to Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Spent the weekend off grid with my family on the Western Isles of Scotland. Miles away from anywhere, with the people I love in my favourite place in the world 💙
The best remedy to calm the soul and regenerate✨Didn’t realise how much I needed this break until I stopped! 🙏

Thank you Caledonian Sleeper for transporting Mum and I to Scotland and back in style! 🚂🥃

#LoveScotland #Family #DigitalDetox #HeavenonEarth #GoPro #CalSleeper

London to Scotland overnight via my fave Caledonian Sleeper 🚂🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿❤️ Feels like coming home! Have you been on the Sleeper??

#ScotSpirit #LoveScotland #BreakfastInBed

It’s your time to rise and be the light you want to see✨
Every day I wake up with a fire inside driving me to crack on with my mission to fight for the change I want to see in the world. My dream is for each and everyone of us to find a purpose and passion that ignites our souls. To live full and engaged lives, to have the confidence, courage and support to rise above judgement, break through barriers and our fears, be true to our unique qualities and fight for everything we dream of and believe in. Everyone has a voice and every voice can be amplified. This is what being empowered means to me; using your voice to make an impact, not letting others hold you back or put you down and being the only person who can define who you are and the way you live your life⚡️
I can’t escape the fire raging inside🔥 Even when I’m supposed to be sleeping, taking time off, having fun, on an adventure or relaxing on a beach... my mind is whirring, the fire burning. Everyday I juggle staying on top of demands from my work; talks, events, travels, TrailBlazers, fitness, partnerships, social media, blogging and communicating with you, with the pressure I put on myself to ‘do more’. Somewhere in there I try to carve out a bit of time to myself, my family, friends and enjoying the life I’ve worked so hard for... 😋 I’m a really big believer in stopping to appreciate milestones and moments as we journey through life 💫
After speaking on a panel ‘How to successfully manage your voice online” at the Brands and Innovation INTA conference in NYC, I took some time out to watch the sunset in Times Square and reflect on the last few weeks 🌇 When you think about it, where we are now was once something we could only dream of. Don’t forget to appreciate all you ARE, all you HAVE and all you are DOING 🤩
That’s a wrap on NYC! Next stop ✈️ London 🇬🇧 #BeTheChange #FindYourFire #YourVoiceMatters #NewYork #GirlBoss #FemaleEmpowerment #OneLifeLiveIt #GoProGirl #GirlRising #TimeToRise #TrailBlazers #SelfWorth

Photos from Challenge Sophie's post

Ran 9 miles in the glorious sunshine around New York today. Such a great way to explore the city and train for my next challenge at the same time!
It was -2C whilst running and my luggage has not arrived (despite flying here on Friday 😂) so I’m wearing my TrailBlazers jumper - what do you think? Will be selling merch soon to help fund the project! BTW the Samsung wireless headphones I’m using are the bomb! 🎵🏃‍♀️🗽🇺🇸

#NewYork #Sunday #FromWhereIRun #OneLifeLiveIt #GetOutside #TrailBlazers #GoProGirl GoPro

Sunrise in New York 🗽🌇
I’m a sunrise chaser...even when it’s below freezing like it was today. There is something really special about watching a city (especially the city that never sleeps) come to life. It’s something I want to do more of in London and would love to know what’s your favourite sunrise spot? Anywhere in the world!
#NewYork #Sunrise #GoPro #OneLifeLiveIt #BrooklynBridge #Manhattan

March has been non-stop so far! It’s been a challenge to juggle it all, but so far so good and I’m still smiling! Flying out to NEW YORK for a weekend of fitness, fun and brunching before speaking at the ‘Brands and Innovation’ conference on Monday. SO excited!! Any suggestions of what to do/visit/eat let me know!

#NewYork #OneLifeLiveIt #Girlboss #DreamBigWorkHard

*COMPETITION TIME* I love cycling and you know I adore Scotland, so I’m bursting with excitement to invite YOU to join me on a cycling challenge through the Scottish Highlands! I’m doing Etape Caledonia on May 20th and have FOUR places to give away!
For a chance to win simply:
- Like my page
- Comment below what cycling means to you in three words! Mine are: Freedom, Friendship + Fun 🚴‍♀️😁
- Tag a buddy you’d love to ride with
Will announce the winners on here next week. In the meantime, check out the event website: Good luck and bring on Scotland! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Etape Series UK #Cycling #LoveScotland #OneLifeLiveIt #Ad

I used to hate running. Think I was terrible at it and tell myself I didn’t enjoy it. Obviously, that needed to change. I wanted to fall in love with running, and I decided I needed a challenge. One Saturday a few years back, I set out to run 100km from London to Brighton with two friends and a backpack full of flapjacks and jelly babies. 17hrs later I crawled into Brighton. Life ~ changed ⚡️
Finding a passion for pounding trails, made me fall in love with running. Whenever I want to remind myself that I am free, powerful, and in control of my life, I run. Why do you run?

#LoveTrails #FindYourPassion #GetOutside #WhyIRun #OneLifeLiveIt #GoProGirl

Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt ~ John Muir 🐾
Hard to believe this was a week ago! What a week it has been. I took the weekend off to decompress and catch up on sleep before it all kicks off again tmrw. So excited about what’s in store this month and beyond! Did need some rest though 🤸‍♀️ Planning the next adventure weekend for June - who’s in? Tag a friend you want to come with! 🙋‍♀️
#HikeForProgress with Tribe


Today one of my dreams becomes a reality...
Today, on International Women's Day, I launch my own youth empowerment initiative for teenage girls, TrailBlazers and I am SO excited to share it with you!
TrailBlazers is something I have been working on for the last year, but more than that it is an initiative I have been dreaming of my whole life. Currently being delivered in socially deprived schools in partnership with Youth Sport Trust and aims to help teenage girls (aged 14-16) develop the mindset and skills to develop confidence, live courageously and ultimately blaze their own trail.
TrailBlazers has been born of my own difficult experiences in my teenage years; of being bullied, of feeling socially isolated. TrailBlazers will use the transformative power of adventure and challenges to help tackle the ever growing mental health issues that plague teenage girls. The program will build these young women big, giving them the tools to empower themselves and inspire others.
#iwd2018 #blazeyourtrail #TrailBlazers #OneLifeLiveIt #pushforprogress #womenempowerment #InternationalWomensDay

It’s #InternationalWomensDay tomorrow and I’m gearing up to share a big announcement followed by two days full of action dedicated towards building a generation of confident, brave, passionate women who support + empower each other. Exactly how it should be. So grateful for all the work women (and men) have done for generations to pave the way and make today possible for us to #PressForProgress ⚡️

#FemaleEmpowerment #BlazeYourTrail #DreamsIntoPlans #OneLifeLiveIt 📸: Michael Hannig Photography

Turn your ‘one day’ into TODAY ⚡️Its easy to fill our minds with doubts, fears and anxieties about all the things that could go wrong if we take risks and chase our dreams. My biggest motivation is knowing this: “One day I will not be able to do this. Today is not that day”
Your dreams will always stay dreams in that ‘one day’ folder and you’ll continue to watch (and envy) other people’s lives through a screen (this was me for years!) or you could grab your life with both hands, and chase yours
Make the choice and choose your life, your dreams, your extraordinary. What an honour to share my journey Discoverychannel today to kick off #InternationalWomensDay Check out my Insta stories! #AchieveYourExtraordinary #OneLifeLiveIt #FemaleEmpowerment #ThisGirlCan #DreamsIntoPlans #RaiseTheBar #TodayIsTheDay

In January I met with the TRIBE team to brainstorm ways we could work together. We agreed that at the heart of both of our missions was our desire to inspire people to get outside, try something new and experience the incredible force of nature. With #InternationalWomensDay coming up, we wanted to get a group of ladies out on an adventure and #BeFearless 🤩 To see this project come to life, to hike through the stunning Lake District this weekend, make new friends and raise £1000 for women trafficking has been absolutely amazing! What a cracking weekend. Thanks a million to everyone who came ✨🏔🙏 💖#OneLifeLiveIt #HikeForProgress #LiveYourAdventure #GetOutside #FuelledByTribe #GirlRising #ForceOfNature #FearlessFemales Tribe

They say your vibe attracts your TRIBE ⚡️ After a pre-dawn departure from London with 40 adventure seeking souls, we hiked 25km through the stunning Lake District. From snowy peaks to blue skies and a lake side sunset, England gave us a real show. It’s been amazing to share my passion for adventure and see everyone love it right back 💖 Bring on today ✨ Tribe

#HikeForProgress #InternationalWomensDay #GetOutside #ExploreMore #OneLifeLiveIt

Escape the city + head into the hills 🌄 Who’s joining my #HikeForProgress with Tribe tomorrow? In true British style, we are forging ahead with our Lake District adventure weekend, despite the snow! For those of you not joining, what fun are you planning? Have fun + be safe out there 🙏 xx

After a fascinating morning learning about the science behind the power of exercise and PLAY to make our brains smarter, more adaptable, foster creativity and improve mental health, I’m so happy I made time to wander in our winter wonderland ☃️🇬🇧

Youth Sport Trust GoPro #GetOutside #SnowDay #PowerOfPlay #ExploreMore #OneLifeLiveIt #LuckyWeLiveGreatBritain

Photos from Challenge Sophie's post

‪“When we move, we learn” Exercise, stimulates the brain improving mental health, focus and creativity. FACT. Fascinating talks at the Youth Sport Trust annual conference today hearing the science behind the power of sport + exercise 💪 (also exciting to be introduced as their new Wellbeing Ambassador!) More later, now off to Leeds for next conf. Send me your snow pics! None here ☹️

#YSTconference #wellbeing

Be fearless in the pursuit of whatever sets your heart on fire 💖🔥
You’ll never be as ready and able as you are now. Today is your day 💥
#GirlPower #TrailBlazers #OneLifeLiveIt #PowerOfSport Jumper: Fequals

I’m giving myself a #MondayMotivation pep talk tonight✌️The last few days have been pretty stressful and I barely slept last night 🤦‍♀️
I have a big week coming up with taking TrailBlazers to a new school, giving the keynote talk at the Game Changer Sports Business conference in Leeds, and our #HikeForProgress adventure with Tribe and a bunch of you awesome peeps in the Lake District this wknd 🙌
It’s time to focus and summon my energy 👊Let’s do this!

#TrailBlazers #GameChanger #NooneSaiditwouldbeeasy #BehindTheScenes #EnergyManagement #OneLifeLiveIt

Ski Ride Vorarlberg

I love Austria! Sunrise ski tours, off piste powder runs, pancakes for lunch and tobogganing! Happy to share my ✨ GOOD VIBES edit from my ski trip to Austria ⛷ 🇦🇹 Blog here:
Where's your favourite place to ski?
#SkiRideVorarlberg #OneLifeLiveIt Urlaubsland Vorarlberg GoPro

Photos from Challenge Sophie's post

What an amazing day! 🚴‍♀️☀️ Cycled 100km from London ➡️ Brighton with the best crew 🙌 First ride in a long time, and daymn it felt good to be back on the bike (check out my IG stories!) #LoveCycling #ThisIsLife #Happy #OneLifeLifeIt

Don’t compare your chapter 1 to someone else’s chapter 20 🌟
I’ve never done a transformation post before, but it’s been on my mind recently. These photos are 10 years apart! We all have to start somewhere, and it’s usually at the back, having no clue what’s going on, worrying we will hold everyone up, get laughed up and go home in tears, red faced with bruised pride ... it’s happened to me many times!
Pick yourself up and try again 💪 Please bear in mind that everything you see in my pictures; from my appearance, to the kit I wear, to my ability as an athlete, adventurer, photographer, film maker, blogger... all of this started from very small beginnings. Be proud of where you are on your own journey and don’t lose your happiness comparing yourself to others ❤️ All I want is the best for you! Xxx
#TransformationTuesday #Motivation #Adventure #ChallengeYourself #MyFitnessJourney #BodyConfidence #OneLifeLifeIt #SocialMedia

This weekend was a dream 😍 48 hours cut off from the world; no phones, social media, or contact with the outside world. Tucked away in a quiet corner of England Hidden River Cabins
We slept in, read books by the fire, explored the river and spent hours relaxing in this hot tub wondering what we did to deserve moments like this in life 🙏
It’s been so fun laughing and smiling lots 😀 but the best part is the way my mind feels now. Putting a stop to the usual hustle and bustle of every day life, frees us to focus purely on now and appreciate it for all it is; to stop and appreciate what we have done to create the lives we live, and just be happy and grateful for it all. I feel so much peace, totally rejuvenated and pumped for next week 🙌
Check out my Instagram stories @challengesophie for more on this magical place #DigitalDetox #ResetYourMind #GratitudeAttidude #PowerOfNature #DisconnectToReconnect #LuckyWeLiveGreatBritain #OneLifeLiveIt #LivingTheDream #HiddenRiverCabins

⚡️TAKE ACTION ⚡️When something isn’t right, it takes energy to fix it. Don’t waste your precious time and energy complaining about what’s not working, you’ll never get that back! Get cracking with making positive change in your life
I’ve made a lot of changes recently and been beavering away behind the scenes to get things right. It’s all in my brand new blog, if you fancy a read:

Happy Friday! Wearing 🔥👌😍 bum sculpting leggings from Sweaty Betty

PC: Jonathan Blackham Photographer

#TakeAction #DreamsIntoPlans #Mindset #FridayFeeling #PositiveChange #OneLifeLiveIt

I’ve not been sharing a lot of my life, not because it’s necessarily private, just because there has been so much going on I had to work through it all before I could talk about it
After not blogging for three months, it feels fantastic to have finally done it! There’s a brand new blog live - an open and honest explanation of what’s been going on, the challenges that have been a little tricky, and the changes I’ve made. I would love you to read it and let me know what you think.

I’ve got good vibes about this year, especially after working so hard to get things sorted! #ImBack #LoveMyWork #TrailBlazers #OneLifeLiveIt #GoPro

Photos from Challenge Sophie's post

Why fit in when you were born to stand out? ❤️ I hope you feel all the love for yourself and your life that you deserve. Happy Valentines Day! Thanks for all the love + support you’ve shown me over the years, it means the world 🌎 xxx Sharing the second pic for ridiculousness! Thanks Mum for dressing me up as a heart all those years ago 😂

#ValentinesDay #GiveLove #OneLifeLiveIt #Love #GratitudeAttitude

BLAZE TRAILS ⚡️ So excited to share that I am a proud Tribe ambassador! I love TRIBE’s focus on community, motivating people to take on amazing challenges and their aim to make a difference in the world, something that has always been really important to me. Plus their bars are delicious!
Can we just take a moment to appreciate that this bar says #BlazeTrails ⚡️🐾 Perfect for my upcoming my upcoming adventures with TrailBlazers 🙋‍♀️
TRIBE and I are bringing you a series of adventure weekends we think you’ll love. The first one in the Lake District, places selling fast! Also if you want to buy some bars use my discount code for a £1 pack! Code: CHALLENGESOPHIE #FuelledbyTribe #Adventure #OneLifeLiveit #GetOutside #BlazeYourTrail

One of my biggest goals for this year is to create adventures that we can go on TOGETHER! I am so excited to tell you there is one happening in THREE weeks!!
Join myself and Tribe for an adventure filled weekend in the Lake District 3rd-4th March! One of the most beautiful places in the world 💙 We’ll be hiking, staying in a bunk barn, eating packed lunches in the hills, making friends and generally just having an amazing weekend enjoying all the fresh air and views 🤸‍♀️
I want to see as many of you adventurous ladies there as possible please because we are celebrating #InternationalWomensDay 💫 (8th March) and raising money for the Tribe Freedom Foundation. This hike is open for men and women - just need to be up for an adventure! Full details here: Limited places so please sign up and give yourself something awesome to look forward to 👀 😀 #HikeForProgress #FuelledByTribe #Adventure #LuckyWeLiveGreatBritain #OneLifeLiveIt

Our teens are in crisis. There has been a 30% increase in teen suicide in the last five years. 30%!!! We must act to change this heartbreaking situation. My goal for TrailBlazers is to help teenage girls build confidence and improve mental well-being, but what’s changed to cause this?
Physical inactivity and social isolation are the two biggest factors linked to declining mental health in people of all ages
Evidence strongly suggests that the increase in mobile phone use, and being constantly confronted with an idolised image of perfect lives through social media, is the main culprit to blame in increased youth anxiety and widespread decline in mental health
In a world where we are always being told who we should be, how we should look and what we should do with our lives, it’s more important than ever before to focus on what makes us individual and prioritise #Beingourselves!
Personally, adventure and outdoor sports are my lifeline. When I’m hiking, cycling, running, or just being outside, I disconnect from social media and tech, I reconnect with myself and nature (which helps me feel grateful for the world and being alive ✨🙏) and form stronger connections with friends. I always feel refreshed, positive and ready to tackle life again! What’s your meditation/release/escape/mind management? #BeingOurselves #TrailBlazers #ChildreMHW #YouthEmpowerment #GetOutside #SocialMedia

PC: Photos from me - Marc Bates

When I quit my job I was overwhelmed and freaking out. I wanted to change my life but had no clue where to start. I turned to the world for inspiration and found amazing people doing incredible, worthy things, who all looked like they had their s**t figured out. As inspiring as this was, it left me paralysed with fear 😱
What I learnt in that moment I come back to over and over again. Often the thing that differentiates us from anyone we aspire to be like, or achieving something we dream of, is taking the steps to make it happen. Committing and putting in the work. I started, and that put everything in motion. Despite all the times I think “I can’t do this” I haven’t stopped
Keep plugging away, especially when the road ahead is not clear. You can do anything you want with your life if you have courage and hustle hard every damn day 👊 #Courage #FemaleEmpowerment #OneLifeLiveit #BlazeYourTrail #MondayMotivation PC: Jonathan Blackham Photographer

Un1t Endurance Sunday Fitness Test

Fitness isn’t about having the ‘perfect’ body or getting likes on instagram. It’s not about comparing yourself to others and feeling bad if you don’t measure up (why should you when we are all on different paths?!) For me, it’s always been about what you can do with your body and how that makes you feel 💪 Strong, resilient, motivated, committed, focused, happy, healthy....
Its about giving your best and being proud of that, you can’t ask for for anymore!
It’s about community, friendship and supporting each other to be the best we can be. We are ALWAYS stronger together 🙌
It’s an investment into our physical and mental health. Every day whilst training my body to be stronger and more resilient, I’m doing the same with my mind 💥
Today’s endurance fitness test UN1T London reminded me once again of what it’s all about. Challenging yourself to raise the bar, showing up as your true, raw self, giving everything you’ve got without caring how pretty or perfect it is, and knowing what you achieved would not be possible without the team around you. It took me 9 minutes. Watch to the end! I was so dizzy and had no legs from the sled onwards 😝 Fancy a challenge?
Un1t Fitness Test:

- 6 lengths pushing the sled

- 6 shuttle sprints forwards and backwards

- 20 calories on air dyne

- 15 med ball slams

- 15 deadman push ups

- 300m row

- 15 push press - 300m ski erg

- 20 squat thrusters

- 15 over the box burps
#fitness #BodyConfidence #mindset #wetrainasone #onelifeliveit

Monday I’m ready for you 💪 The one thing that helps me feel ready to deliver my A-game is a sweaty workout. Good thing because I need it today! A whistle stop trip home with just enough time to train UN1T London 🏋️‍♀️
Flying to Munich for #ISPO today ✈️ Lots of meetings and giving a talk about how fitness and adventure changed my life, creating a platform for change and what’s next in influencer marketing. It’s at 2:30pm tmrw on the fitness stage if you’re around! Happy Monday guys, almost the end of Jan - go crush these final days 🙌 #MotivationMonday #Fitness #OneLifeLiveIt #Blogger #InfluencerMarketing #WeTrainAsOne

We are human
We are not perfect
We are alive
We try things
We make mistakes
We stumble. We fall
We get hurt
We rise again
We try again
We keep learning
We keep growing
We are thankful for this priceless opportunity called LIFE. 🙏✨
One of my fave pics and quotes to share with you 💙We hiked up here and skied down. It was kinda petrifying at times but so worth it #OneLifeLiveIt #Austria #NeverGiveUp #SkiRideVorarlberg #GoPro Urlaubsland Vorarlberg

Hello from the Austrian Alps! Urlaubsland Vorarlberg

Skiing from sunrise to sunset in Austria was the dream! I’m like the kid we all knew in school who asks the teacher for a spelling test 😂 Except I’m asking “Can we please wake up early and ski up a mountain to see the sunrise?!”
There are so many reasons I love the sunrise; I love the different stages of it, being out in nature before the world wakes up and becomes busy, but mainly it’s because it’s free, different and amazing every single day! What’s not to love? Seeing the sunrise over the mountains, especially after you made the effort to haul yourself out of bed and up the mountain, is something I would LOVE you to experience at least once in your lifetime 💙✨🌄⛷🇦🇹
#SkiRideVorarlberg #SunriseMission #GoPro #OneLifeLiveIt #Austria Urlaubsland Vorarlberg

Photos from Challenge Sophie's post

Some days, and the feelings they evoke, are best described in emojis 😁☀️⛷🏔🙌🌟⚡️
I fell in love with the mountains many moons ago. Whilst building my sales career in London I spent my holidays climbing, cycling and exploring in the Alps, before following my heart and moving to Chamonix four years ago. Now I have moved back to London, but I miss the mountains a lot! So grateful for the twists and turns of life that bring me closer to the things I love so much 💙 Where is your dream place to live?
Thank you Oakley for your support over the years 🙏

#GoPro #Skiing #Austria #SkiRideVorarlberg #OneLifeLiveIt #FollowYourPassion #NeverStopExploring #LiveYours

Photos from Challenge Sophie's post

As I was tumbling down the mountain in deep, heavy powder, thinking “Everyone is watching this is so embarrassing” I also thought “well, at least it’s happened now!” I stood up, tried to calm my nerves and fell over many times again before reaching the group
That’s the thing with facing your fears and ‘failing’. When it happens, it has happened and you realise there really is no such thing as failing. You tried, you pick yourself up, dust off the snow/dirt, wipe away your tears and carry on 🙌
I’d always rather be the person who tries and learns from giving it a go, rather than being too scared to try ✨
We also learnt avalanche rescue and got to ski tour (uphill with skins) which I LOVE 💙 Thank you Urlaubsland Vorarlberg #SkiRideVorarlberg #TrySomethingNew #Austria

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